About Gurkha Security

We cover one of the largest supermarkets complex in Europe. That is Westfield Supermarket Complex. We operate a large volume of patrol managers in order to reduce response rate of attendance.

With our high level of supervision, our guards render high level of quality services all the time.We appreciate the fact that the security guard needs to exercise high level of authority in the discharge of his duties.

This depended mainly upon the appearance of the guard. We therefore place a premium on our uniform code and encourage our guards to look very professional and authoritative at all time.

Our philosophy is (Client Satisfaction) and therefore, we expect the highest standards from our employees at all times
Our Workforce: most of our employees are highly experienced ex-service men and women from the forces who were involved in security industry. They are professionals who have an exemplary high records in the performance of their duties and services.

Our employees are trained to carry out maintenance services on site in terms of CCTV operations, changing light bulbs and managing risk assessment control tasks of fire drills and all forms of notification, communication and management information and emergency exercises to management and staff.

Highly qualified senior operational management staff are assigned to supervise every contract. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide better and quality security services; value for money. We promise to supply trained and licensed security personnel at competitive prices.

Creating a secured working environment for our employees and our customers. As Security Company we do not only secure our clients’ property and assets but our guards merge seamlessly in to their workforce in order to protect and safeguard against all risks to their property and staff.

The key individual that initiated the company is the Managing Director Mr. John Bakarr. He has vast knowledge in dealing with security related issues and provision.

John has worked for Reliance Security for three years, Charter Security for two years as a supervisor,Saturn Security for seven years as Operations Manager and Alamo Security services as Quality Assurance Manager with a total of fourteen years in security business. His skills and experience are vital to the development of the organisation.

He is dynamic, enthusiastic, rational and self-motivated.

Planning and consultation of the organisation co-inspired by the involvement with the ex-Gurkhas in London.

The moderator is the present Chief Gurkha Mr. David Dipak Gurung from Katmandu in Nepal. Mr. Gurung has served in the British Gurkha Regiment with fifteen years security experience.

With his expertise in the security industry we will be able to penetrate the market within a relatively shorter period.